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 25.5.2006 - Construction of the south-western part of the Prague Ring Road between Lahovice and Slivenec is commencing

Construction of a part of the Prague Ring Road – external ring road around Prague between Prague and Lahovice has commenced today. This part of the Ring Road, labeled in the Prague ring road system as Project no. 514 is the first section in the prepared connecting of highways D1 (direction to Brno) and D5 (direction to Pilsen). This interconnection also includes further projects under preparation, such as project no. 512 Highway D1 – Vestec, project no. 513 Vestec – Lahovice and already functional section no. 515 between Slivenec and Třebonice. The contractor on this project is the Joint-venture of construction companies STRABAG a.s. (leading member with 1/3 of the joint-venture share), HOCHTIEF Construction AG (1/3 in the joint-venture) and MAX BŐGL & JOSEF KRÝSL, kom. spol. (1/3 in the joint-venture). The investor of the project is the Highways and Motorways Directorate of the Czech Republic. This project will require an investment of 8.9 bil. CZK.

 24.5.2006 - ROBERT BOSCH car spares can motor ahead again

HOCHTIEF VSB has carried out occasional work at the ROBERT BOSCH plant in České Budějovice in the years since 1992. These were various unrelated minor projects, whereas now BOSCH is to benefit from a purpose-built factory building with a logistics centre for the manufacture of components for the automotive industry.

 23.5.2006 - Busy location in Brno gets a new look

Renovation and rebuilding work to a structure in Joštova Street 7 in Brno began this April. HOCHTIEF VSB, Division 1 is the general contractor and the task is being supervised by a project team consisting of František Zeman, the construction manager Ludvík Haviger and a foreman, Zdeněk Vavřina.

 18.5.2006 - Helping clean up the banks of the Orlík

On Saturday 13th May, there was a large turnout by members of the general public to help clear the sides of the Orlík dam of rubbish. In total, 813 volunteers helped out and collected plastic, glass, and tins, besides a lot of other waste. HOCHTIEF VSB lent it their support by providing lorries to dispose of the rubbish as well as with financing.

 15.5.2006 - Lobkowicz Garden back in bloom

Despite the path and adjacent stairway near Lobkowicz Garden not appearing on the cadastral or technical map of the protected area of Petřín Park, HOCHTIEF VSB is reconstructing them in addition to the boundary wall. The site no longer complies with safety regulations and, as a result, Prague City Council – the investor of the project – has decided to make some improvements. Petřín is a well-known place of interest for many visitors, and as such can only benefit from having another historically significant attraction.

 12.5.2006 - Rooms for staff to make way for student canteen

HOCHTIEF VSB, Division 1, Operation 1, led by Ing. František Boháč is to begin reconstructing dining facilities at the Albeř UK (Charles University) Prague training centre near the Osika lake this June. The rebuilding of the canteen for the investor - UK Prague, Dept. for Administration of Buildings and Facilities - will improve the quality of eating conditions for all students of the university, other colleges, as well as holidaymakers. The entire project is worth almost CZK 19 million.

 29.4.2006 - We belong among the most admired companies in the Czech Republic

The eight annual competition 100 admired companies in the Czech Republic, which is annually announced by the company CZECH TOP 100, brought ranking also for our company.

 26.4.2006 - IATCC building became the Best investment of 2005

End of the first day of the 11th International Building Fair in Brno was very successful for our company. During the evening celebration we were awarded the title of the "Best Investment of 2005" for the construction of the National Integrated Air Traffic Control Center in Jeneč near Prague.

 20.4.2006 - Come to see us at the Fair Grounds in Brno

Anyone interested in new trends in the construction industry can get many inspiring ideas at the International Building Fair in Brno. This year’s Fair is the eleventh in line and it will take place from April 25 to 29.

 14.4.2006 - Rough construction of most of the apartments in Kolín is finished

Out of eleven apartment houses in Kolín, locality “U Vodárny”, rough construction of eight houses is finished and builders are currently working on the interior power and water distribution, sewer system and distribution of central heating. In two cases they even managed to be in advance of the time schedule for the mentioned works. Another three houses are slightly behind the schedule, which is caused by extraordinarily adverse climatic conditions of this year’s winter. The joint-stock company HOCHTIEF VSB, as a general contractor of the construction of apartment houses in Kolín, took measures to balance the delay as soon as possible.