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 10.4.2006 - Come to clean Orlík with us

Cleaning the banks of the Orlík dam is a big event and the joint-stock company HOCHTIEF VSB registered for participation. It takes place on May 13 and its purpose is to clean the banks of the dam from plastic, glass, cans and other refuse thoughtlessly dumped there.

 5.4.2006 - We Have Got the NSA Certificate for Secret Level

Only two of fifteen biggest construction companies have been certified by the National Security Authority for Secret level. HOCHTIEF VSB is one of them. Consequently, it has been given the right to conclude Secret contracts including but not limited to the projects of the Ministry of Defence. Also other contracts, usually for big construction projects, may involve work performed in strict security conditions. For our company it is the matter of prestige to become a contractor able to work in the nearly highest security mode. On the other hand, our company has a lot to offer thanks to its long experience in this area.

 4.4.2006 - Apartment houses in Běchovice offer more chances of quality living

In June, last year, the construction of two apartment houses in Prague 9 - Běchovice was commenced. The investor and the developer of the project at the same time is the company B.D.S. The execution and general contract was assigned to HOCHTIEF VSB, Division 1.

 3.4.2006 - Company half marathon

On April 1, the first year of company half marathon took place in the streets of Prague. As a representation for HOCHTIEF VSB a relays team of Zdeněk Zajíc, Jaroslav Herma, Petr Izák and Petr Krčmář took part in the race. The haul, starting at the Charles Bridge and exactly 21.0975 kms long, was conquered by them in an excellent time and they gained the wonderful 12th position amongst the total of 77 relays teams.

 31.3.2006 - Skiers to get a new ski centre in Česká Třebová

Downhill skiing is a very popular sport in the Czech Republic and so the demand for quality ski slopes is growing. As the inhabitants of Česká Třebová are no exception and enjoy the sport as well, the idea of building a new skiing facility was mooted and incorporated into the development plan of the town. HOCHTIEF VSB, Division 8, has been given the task and is the contractor of the project.

 27.3.2006 - Květinková (Flower Street) will bloom in October

As of March 2006, HOCHTIEF VSB, Division 8, is going to reconstruct and add more floors to a block of flats from the 1950s in the Květinková Street, Prague 3. Milan Paclt will oversee the project for the investor - SKM Prague 3. The revitalisation of prefabricated blocks of flats and tenement buildings is going to be a big issue for the future.

 24.3.2006 - Work continues on new apartment buildings despite unfavourable weather

Construction work began in June last year on two apartment buildings in Běchovice, Prague 9. The two structures, known as A and B, are to feature 86 flats in total. The B.D.S. company is both the investor and developer of the project. HOCHTIEF VSB Division 1, Operation 5, centre managed by Blahomír Donát, who is also the site manager, has been entrusted as the general contractor.

 23.3.2006 - Humpolec wastewater treatment plant to be upgraded

Upgrading the Humpolec wastewater treatment plant is the official title for the work being carried out on the treatment plant by Division 1. It is happening in separate stages, only partially limiting the operation of the plant, following a strict plan in accordance with a detailed schedule. The treatment plant is being closely monitored by state administration authorities throughout the entire period of reconstruction as the water quality must not be affected in any way.

 21.3.2006 - Česká Třebová has a new winter stadium

The City of Česká Třebová has prepared on March 10th, 2006 a celebratory handover of the Winter Stadium Na Skalce by the general contractor, joint-stock company HOCHTIEF VSB.

 9.3.2006 - Next stage of excavation works under way - Severní Lom project

Joint-stock company HOCHTIEF VSB, Traffic Infrastructure Division - Miroslav Ševčík’s Operation lead by site manager Martin Lang - has become the contractor for excavation works and access roads for the newly created gypsum (EGS) storage facility. At the same time, HOCHTIEF VSB, Division 1, is the principal contractor of the project.