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 26.7.2006 - Senior citizens to get quality care in new rooms

In two weeks time, the Jewish Community of Prague is to make available rooms in the Hagibor building to their senior members. The property has been handed back to the community association - its original owner, who have decided to reconstruct and extend it to create a care centre.

 25.7.2006 - Invitation to Ema Destinnova Music Festival

For the fourth time, the HOCHTIEF VSB construction company is sponsoring the Ema Destinnova Music Festival. Festival organisers and the director Antonín Kazil have arranged a varied programme of music sure to please the most demanding of audiences. Amongst others, soloists from the Metropolitan Opera and the Vienna State Opera are to perform there, with the Czech Republic represented for example by the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra and Pavel Šporcl.

 21.7.2006 - HOCHTIEF VSB listed on the EMAS National Register

The joint-stock company HOCHTIEF VSB has been found to meet all the conditions of the EMAS programme statutes, as stipulated in regulation no. 761/2001 laid down by the European Parliament and Council. As of July 10th, the company has been listed on the EMAS National Register under the number CZ-031. An additional benefit bestowed on the same date is that our company is now permitted - under certain terms – to use the EMAS logo.

 15.7.2006 - Steam makes way for hot water

The České Budějovice heating plant - the client - has decided to install a new hot water pipeline on the left bank of the River Vltava in order to replace an old primary steam mains. Due to the nature of the project, HOCHTIEF VSB, Division 1, an operation supervised by Zdeněk Šmitmajer, has put together a project team consisting of Patrik Edelmann, Jan Kafka and Miroslav Roučka. Working crews under the foremen Karel Koleš and František Těhle have been entrusted to execute the project. The new hot water pipelines will significantly reduce heat losses and so be of great benefit to the environment as well as being more efficient.

 12.6.2006 - Company squeeze-out comes to an end

It was two years ago, in 2004, that the majority shareholder of HOCHTIEF VSB – the HOCHTIEF AG company – first mooted doing a “squeeze-out”, which means buying all the shares owned by minority shareholders. As soon as the necessary legislation had been passed, in particular paragraph 183i-n of the Commercial Code, this process got underway. This act enables majority shareholders of companies, those in possession of over 90% of the quantity available, to exercise their right to purchase all remaining shares.

 9.6.2006 - Site being prepared for family houses construction in Stochov

A housing estate is to be built in the north-west outskirts of Stochov, comprising sixty-one family houses. HOCHTIEF VSB Division Traffic Infrastructure is getting the construction site ready in order to start the constructing as soon as possible.

 7.6.2006 - Information system is on the level Secret

The construction company HOCHTIEF VSB obtained the National Security Authority (NBÚ) Certificate for the level Secret. We have been pursuing this qualification for almost three years. For starting the work in the mentioned mode, it was necessary to implement also measures assigned by the NBÚ for the company information system certification.

 6.6.2006 - New face of the Tovární street in Český Krumlov

The completed refurbishment project of the road in the Tovární street in Český Krumlov was today officially handed over by its general contractor, the joint-stock company HOCHTIEF VSB, to the investor – the Municipality of Český Krumlov.

 5.6.2006 - HOCHTIEF verified as compliant with EMAS programme

Verification of the Environmental Statement that confirms compliance with the EMAS programme, as laid down in regulation no. 761/2001 of the European Parliament and Council (EC), took place in our company on May 29th 2006. It was conducted by STAVCERT Prague, who also oversaw recertification of the Environmental Management System according to the revised ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005 standard. HOCHTIEF was successful in receiving this recertification, a process which proceeded EMAS verification.

 2.6.2006 - Courthouse in Frýdek Místek undergoing improvements

The district courthouse in Frýdek-Místek was erected in the 1990s. However, its interiors no longer meet the growing demands placed upon them – there is a lack of hearing rooms, offices for employees in administration, and virtually all the judges are forced to share an office with another colleague.