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 7.12.2006 - A tunnel name Marie

On St. Barbara Monday of December 4th, the celebratory commencement of driving of the Lochkov tunnel took place. The tunnel between Lochkov and Radotín is part of the project 514, which is a project to build a part of the external ring road around Prague between Slivenec and Lahovice.

 4.12.2006 - HOCHTIEF CZ is starting with driving the tunnel between Lochkov and Radotín, at the construction site of the outer Prague ring road.

The tunnel will be named Marie The opening ceremony of the driving the tunnel between Lochkov and Radotín at the site 514, i.e. a part of the outer Prague ring road, will take place on December 4th, 2006. After the ceremony, the driving of the tunnel, through the rock massive between the Lochkov and Radotín portals, will start.

 26.11.2006 - A new logistic centre will grow in Bezděčín near Mladá Boleslav

From October this year, the division is building a logistic centre for the investor UNO - Pro investora UNO – Construction housing cooperative. It will rise at the southern edge of Mladá Boleslav by the district Bezděčín, in the western zone. The current investment plan for the centre consists of four halls with administrative areas, reception, local access and grounds roads and the buried services. The HOCHTIEF CZ, joint stock company is carrying out the construction of the two halls and the buried services. This part of the project should be executed by the end of June next year.

 26.11.2006 - A pinky gray apartment house will rise in Smíchov

A new apartment house in Prague Smíchov will rise in Staropramenná Street. The Division Prague started its execution, led by the Project Team Manager Martin Jelen, in September this year and it will be finished in June 2007.

 25.11.2006 - Fauna and flora will take the breath of fresh air

For the municipality of Náměšť na Hané the Division Moravia is, since September, building the sewerage system with the solution for the waste and the rain water for the urban area. The project will be finished by November next year.

 15.11.2006 - HOCHTIEF VSB finished the reconstruction of Tábor’s winter stadium and gave it a new shell

Ceremonial handover of the completed reconstruction and the new shell of a winter stadium in Tábor is taking place today, Wednesday, November 15th, 2006. The project was started in June this year and its completion only took five months. The investor of the project was town Tábor and the major contractor, the joint stock company HOCHTIEF VSB.

 30.10.2006 - CITY CENTER CB construction opening ceremony

Ceremonious hammering of the cornerstone of the construction of commercial and administrative complex CITY CENTER CB took place on Friday 27th October in České Budějovice.

 27.10.2006 - Construction of a complex of apartment houses Na Slupi is moving on fast

The project of the construction of six apartment houses in center of Prague started in March 2006 with earth works and founding the construction on reinforced concrete piles. Then the investor, company CTR group a.s., handed the site over to the general contractor of the construction, join stock company HOCHTIEF VSB, for the next stages of work starting with laying the foundation slabs.

 26.10.2006 - The winners of Petr Parléř Prize have been announced

HOCHTIEF VSB, a joint stock company, supports architectonical competition for Petr Parléř Prize. In the recent days, it’s another year concluded and competing work was judged.

 10.10.2006 - HOCHTIEF VSB is constructing the administrative complex Kavčí Hory Office Park

The foundation stone of the future administrative complex Kavčí Hory Office Park was struck today by the Mayor of Prague 4, Bohumil Koukal, representatives of project developer, company HOCHTIEF Development Czech Republic, and general contractor on the project, joint-stock company HOCHTIEF VSB.