Small metal items will be assembled and stored in the metal containers in the halls with working names H1 through H4.

The first two halls will be double length of the other two. The width and the architectonical execution remain the same. The inner space of the halls will have no partitions. Into a corner of each of them will be built a one storey annex with employee facilities, containing administrative space, cloak room and sanitary facilities. The disposition and the size of each annex is in all the halls same. It is designed with an option in mind, to later extend it to accommodate a two shift operation.

The recharging station for the forklifts, used in the whole centre, is placed in the hall H2. The other objects will ensure the operation of the center – i.e. its traffic serviceability, energy supply, sewerage and security.

All the halls will have a steel construction, supported on the inside by pre-cast, reinforced concrete pillars. They will be founded on monolithic reinforced concrete piles. The outer insulated shell will be made with sandwich panels anchored on a steel profile sheeting rail, or alternatively the shell will be assembled from C profiles with a mineral insulation and an outer coat corrugated sheet metal.

Parts of the project are roads and hard stand areas for the trucks, waiting for a place by the loading ramp. There will also be a passenger car parking. After the completion of all the construction work, landscaping of the grounds is planned.