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Who we are

HOCHTIEF is building the world of tomorrow. Together with its partners, it shapes space for living, constructs bridges, comes up with new ways of conceptualising and executing projects, and continually builds upon established standards in a responsible fashion.

HOCHTIEF CZ is one of the leading companies in its profession.It currently employs around 1,100 staff, who carry out building projects within the construction market of the Czech Republic. Such work encompasses residential, commercial, administrative and institutional developments, as well as industrial, ecological and water management projects, also covering traffic and pipeline infrastructure.

HOCHTIEF CZ has now been part of the supranational concern HOCHTIEF for twenty one years, and it cooperates with branches throughout Europe and overseas. HOCHTIEF CZ provides clients with a broad range of high-quality services. These are based upon the vast experience and knowledge of the market it has garnered over the years, as well as a flexible and responsible approach.

It pays to cooperate with HOCHTIEF CZ. Its stable financial standing and use of the latest technology make it a dependable partner.