Judging panel headed by Acad. arch. Petr Kovář judged on the 14th October 2006 all 24 admitted designs and decided about awarding the Petr Parléř Prize 2006 in the value of 200 000,- CZK to the design no. 14 Přerov, author Ing. arch. Zbyněk Ryška. HOCHTIEF VSB Prize – space for living in the value of 50 000,- CZK was awarded to design no. 19 Třešť, authors Ing. arch. Ludvík Křenek and Ing. arch. Katarína Luciaková. Stavby silnic a železnic Prize for contribution to advancement of the urban architecture was awarded to the design no.12 Horažďovice, authors Martin Kožnar and Petr Kolář.

IV. year of the competition is now closed and its organizers and partners are looking forward to the next year, which will, no doubt, bring many new architectonic ideas.

If you are interested in the design, which won the HOCHTIEF VSB - Prize – space for living, you can read about it in more detail in the following text:

The winning design is called Makeover of the stream banks in the conservation area. Its authors said that the area along the stream represents a parallel to the busy town life and for its proximity to the center it is a natural place for recreational activities. The area can be seen as three sections: north, central and south. The north part is designated for building the cycling routes. As well as tidying up the greenery, the possible use is for recreational sports and walks. The central part should become a park with exclusion of the traffic including the cyclists. The starting point is an existing meadow interlaced with the stream and a path. The meadow should only be furnished with some equipment playfully interwoven with linear fragments of visual concrete with striking wooden lineation of the used boarding. There are deciduous trees, existing and the new. Access to the stream and partial enforcement of the banks is provided again by linear elements placed in the parallel with the stream. Hampering elements in the central part are a service station, a scrapyard, back roads to gardens and sewerage shaft rings. There is a possibility to remove the service station and the scrapyard. The roads are probably not crucial and the shaft rings would be covered by translucent plastic domes, which would allow access to the ring covers, but most of the time would serve as children’s slides. Their inner illumination would also create an interesting effect of a meadow scattered with untraditional flowers. Existing unsightly reinforced are by the bridge over Selská Street would be replaced by a new, in tune with other changes, which could be used for organizing of some occasional events. The southern part would be a natural conclusion. In the part joining the bridge over Selská Street would be, in a birch grove, a statue gallery.

And what did the design impress the judges with? This is their evaluation: Author chose for the enlivenment of the Třešť stream very unpretentious but effective method: division into three areas recreation, sports and nature, all that with sensibility to logically connect it with the functional parts of the city. Irregularly placed equipment and various activity objects, lightly connect the meadow with the gentle urban lace of the both banks. Judges appreciated the modest, but self-contained arrangement that maintains the specific atmosphere of the area.

By supporting of such a competition HOCHTIEF VSB wants to take part in its praiseworthy attempt to bring new elements into architecture of public spaces. It is not indifferent to the quality of environment people will have to live in. For HOCHTIEF VSB the support of the architectonical competition is a way to show responsibility for communal living space.