In the preset the monolithic structure of the building is growing – the first two floors have been finished. The nonstructural brickwork in the basement is finished and the work on their plastering continues. The brickwork in the floors above ground is also gradually starting. The outside buildings already have two sewerage connections to Na Slupi Street, the water meter manhole and the planters are being installed.
In the near future the finishing works on the monolithic structure will be continued by gradual filling in the brickwork. The works on assembling of the green roofs above the basement will start as well as thermal insulation and painting of some parts of the basement, technology distribution, such as air-conditioning, sewerage, cooling, heating and the carriers for high and low voltage cables. At the same time the works on the water duct and sewerage connections will carry on.

The construction of the housing complex will take till October 2007, that is eighteen months. It includes 240 one to four room apartments with joint services, such as business and administrative area, underground parking with 312 spaces and a supermarket. The complex will have a common basement with houses of three to seven storeys above the ground. As per the design, the flats will be lightened by balconies, loggias, and terraces. Alongside the apartments the complex will also offer twelve studios. The landscaping of the grounds and the surrounding area is as well part of the project.

The built-up space is 118,894 m3, with 63,786 m3 overground, the total build up area is 7,528 m2 of which 3,290 m2 is overground. The total area of the plot is 9,798 m2.
The construction of the apartment houses is placed in attractive location Na Slupi, situated south of Prague Conservation Area. Investor had to carry out a demanding and interesting archeological survey, during which historically valuable artifacts were found: for instance Celtic graves from 1st century BC, fragments of works of art, or baroque statues, etc. The apartment houses will stand near where the city walls stood, on the border between Nové Město, Vyšehrad a Nusle. The likelihood of the mentioned finds was therefore very high.

The company CTR group a.s. is, after the merger with company Muška, its legal successor and will carry the name CTR group a.s.