The most significant parts of the works were replacement of the outer shell of the building, installation of the hoods above the main staircases, construction of a new clubhouse for the players and sanitary facilities, also an acoustic modification in the hall and extending of the ventilation in the entire building.

Original steel structure with hanging glazed sections was reconstructed and completed with a horizontal grill. After the painting, the new sandwich panels of steel coat filled with mineral felt were hung on the outer side of the structure.

The construction of the stadium is anchoring the tie rods holding the hoods over the main stadium entrances. It is a combination of the welded steel profiles and clear safety glass. The hoods accentuate the entrances with their rich red coloring.
Original radio cabins were demolished an in their place grew a new clubhouse for the players. It is situated in the upper part of the stands and it is predominantly glazed so the players have good visual contact with the playing area.

Because the acoustics in the stadium had unpleasant echo, particularly during the sporting matches, the new acoustic cladding was installed in the south and the north sides of the hall. The sporting experience for both players and spectators will be much more enjoyable.

Also the ventilation had been extended since it didn’t comply with the strict technical criteria and operation requirements. This concerns the air distribution system over the ice rink and the spectators stalls and the system in the sanitary facilities and machine rooms, built in the east and west terraces. The stadium in its new mode will be in operation from tomorrow, that is November 16th, 2006. The first sporting match will take place on Saturday , November 18th from 5.30 pm.