The site is situated south-west of the Honice part of the town, not far from an industrial estate, water tower, road, and agricultural land. Apart from the sixty-one new houses, access roads and completed utility lines will soon be in place.

On the site, Division Traffic Infrastructure is responsible for building a local access road greater than 1 km in length, terminating in a dead end with a space for turning around. In addition, the Division’s employees have the task of installing sewers, drains, water and gas mains, phone lines and public lighting. Most of the job will be carried out without any external support. Construction work began on April 3rd this year, with the handover to IMOS development a.s., the developer, scheduled for August 31st 2006. The contract is worth approximately CZK 24 million.

The project initially involves removing the topsoil to provide space for building the roads, getting rid of old fruit trees and shrubs where necessary, and clearing the ground of all plants in the entire area intended for family houses construction. To give an idea of the task faced, the overall volume of topsoil to be removed in order to erect houses and provide solid surfaces - around 10,000 m2 in total - will be about 3,720 m3.

During the construction, the earth will be deposited outside the construction site so that it is possible to use it after all work has been done for levelling the ground and landscaping within family houses gardens and other areas. The development is not going to have any negative impact on the environment, on the contrary, improvements will be made to the whole area to make the most of all the space.

Following soil tests, it was suggested by our employees that a part of the bedrock be broken up and then used to replace unsuitable earth, amounting to 17,000 m3 in total. All materials that can be sourced locally are to be fully utilised, thereby speeding up the construction process. Consequently, expenses can be kept to a minimum, a benefit that will also be felt by the developer in terms of the final cost.

When the earthen roadbed is ready - the basis upon which a road is built, the construction of the road’s structural layers will follow, as will curbs and block paving to finish off the surface. At the same time, power and telecommunication cables will be laid so that in future each plot has access to electricity, telephone and other lines.