The main objective of the check was to prove that the Environmental Statement of HOCHTIEF VSB was a correct and true assessment of our environmental efficiency - how and with what result we manage protection of the environment. Additionally, it addressed whether the conditions of the EMAS programme had been incorporated within our environmental management practises. In particular, there is a requirement for an environmental revenues and costs account, which is based upon data from environmental accounting – green accountancy.

In order to make this assessment as to how green we are, we have applied the ARISTOTELES/SAP information system, which collects information on material and energy flows in the company and environmental costs and revenues.

The STAVCERT Prague verification team positively assessed the level of the environmental management system and the newly introduced environmental accounts.

We believe that verification in accordance with the EMAS programme will become an important factor when attracting potential clients and proving our environmental credibility. By being verified, the joint-stock company HOCHTIEF VSB is making it clear to the public that it is not indifferent to issues concerning protection of the environment. In addition, it will help to enhance the image of our company and give us a competitive edge.

The next step is to apply to the Czech Ministry for the Environment for the company’s inclusion in the EMAS Register held by the EMAS Agency, in which approximately 30 companies from all over the Czech Republic are registered. Should the application be accepted, HOCHTIEF VSB will be granted registration and an authorisation certificate enabling use of the EMAS logo.