The project principally involves the change over on the Šumava and Máj housing estates to a hot water heating system. This necessitates installing hot water pipelines to a length of approximately 4km and a hot water station, which will feature condensation pipelines at 0.65km in length. Another task involves interconnecting the secondary distribution mains of heating and non-drinking water lines (Máj 1, 2 heat pipelines) brought about by making existing primary steam pipelines (construction 2, part 1) suitable to carry hot water.

The ‘Left bank of the River Vltava – hot water pipeline – building work – construction 2’ project is divided into stages 1 and 2, which are to directly follow each other.

Stage 1 starts in an existing shaft in front of the Kasárna heat exchanger station where O. Nedbala and Na Zlaté stoce streets meet. It ends in K. Fleischmanna street after the turning for the PVT heat exchanger station, where it will join up with stage 2. The second end is situated in the Máj housing estate near the Máj 2 heat exchanger station, where the hot water pipeline adjoins the present hot water system of the Máj housing estate.

Stage 2 begins by joining the hot water pipeline in front of the PVT heat exchanger station in K. Fleischmanna street. The hot water line then follows the course of the present steam pipeline towards a central transfer station (CPS 1), into which it leads. CPS 1 - originally a heat exchanger station for the Agricultural Faculty of the South-Bohemian University - has been fully converted into a station suitable for handling steam/hot water.

The new steam pipeline splits off into an existing but unused duct and into a new section decided upon with the South-Bohemian University in České Budějovice. Steel in steel, ductless technology will be utilised for the steam pipe. Condensation pipes will be of the pre-insulated type.

Additionally, ductless technology using pre-insulated pipes will also be utilised in the hot water primary distribution mains, which will largely follow the course of the existing steam pipelines. In accordance with the construction permission, some sections are designed to feature short lengths of brand new lines.

Hot water will be prepared in the CPS 1 central transfer station - steam/hot water - and the hot water system connected to a planned central transfer station, CPS 2. In addition, the present hot water system from the Máj central transfer station will join onto the newly built system. This means that the Máj central transfer station can be done away with as it will become redundant.

The CPS 1 central transfer station is to be located within the existing heat exchanger station for the Agricultural Faculty of the South-Bohemian University and in a new extension to it. Connecting to it will be the existing vacuum steam pipeline, the renovated steam pipeline, and steam distribution mains for central supply of heat provided by the České Budějovice heating plant on the left bank of the River Vltava. The new extension to CPS 1 will stand in front of the existing exchanger station of the Agricultural Faculty of the South-Bohemian University, this position being that as seen from K. Fleischmanna street. A transformer station will make up part of CPS 1, however, the project does not include its being connected via a high-voltage cable.

Most of the heat is consumed by the flats and civic facilities on the housing estate, comprising residential apartment blocks and educational establishments. These are supplied by four-pipe or two-pipe secondary heat distribution mains from central steam/water exchanger stations.

The total cost of ‘Construction 2’, part 1, part 2, TN I and II amounts to almost CZK 228 million excluding VAT.

Construction work started on May 22nd this year and is scheduled for completion by December 31st this year. All alterations to ground surfaces and landscaping should be completed by March 30th 2007.