The project concerns two building stages – the EGS storage facility and the construction of access roads leading to it. The total amount invested in it by the joint-stock company ČEZ comes to approximately CZK 15 million.

Work on the storage facility commenced on February 24th and is due to continue till June 2006. In terms of excavation, the project is quite extensive - around 340,000 m³ of material is to be removed and transported. Before the works themselves began, a time schedule was elaborated, incorporating a detailed risk assessment on unfavourable weather conditions. All machinery is meeting anticipated performance levels, which range from about 4,000 – 5,000 m3 a day. An early finish on the storage facility, one month ahead of schedule, would certainly be welcomed by the construction team, which would mean finishing by 31st May 2006.

The company’s own machinery has been employed for the job: 3 tracked excavators and 12 Tatra off-road vehicles. In addition, due to the favourable weather experienced, the builders have been able to borrow a CAT 10 heavy dozer – one of the biggest in the Czech Republic - from the DTS Vrbenský company. They are already familiar with it, having employed the same machine with great success on the Krásný les project. The dozer can excavate and remove, in a 250 m distance, 1,500 m3 – 2,000 m3 a day.

The second stage of the construction – an access road for the store - will follow the completion of the first phase in September 2006.

The construction teams are working continuously, including Saturdays and Sundays. Regarding their heavy workload, it was necessary to put together a group of knowledgeable machinists coordinated by the supervisor Ján Lisík, with supervision on an alternating basis by Josef Jirků and Michal Dvořák from Department 211. All of them should be thanked for their exemplary approach to the task.