The apartment houses A and B will have 86 apartment units in total. House A is a four-storey object with 32 apartment units without provided cellars. House B is a five-storey object (four above ground storeys and one underground storey for garages) with 54 apartment units in total. The order volume is 126.5 mil. CZK.

The apartment houses under construction are situated near the main street. In future this locality will be substantially spared from traffic, as the outside Prague ring road will be opened and it will accommodate very heavy traffic, thus securing peaceful and safe life for the residents of Běchovice city district.

The project for apartment houses construction did not include sub-basement space, only the object B has 49 places for garaged parking in the basement. The technological procedure of so called white tank was used for their construction.

The date of handover to the investor is planned at the end of September, this year. The apartment owners can move in after successful approving of construction secured by the investor - probably in November, this year.