The upgrade of the wastewater treatment plant is being financed by the town of Humpolec, which has obtained 75% of the funding from the State Agricultural Fund, with an additional 15% provided by the EU via the European Regional Development Fund (this was intermediated by the mentioned State Agricultural Fund as well), the remaining ten percent coming from the town council budget.

The project commenced in August 2005 and its completion is scheduled for 31st August 2006. The construction team are under the supervision of Petr Hadač, the site manager, and Miroslav Koblic, the construction foreman.

Construction work is taking place in compliance with procedures as laid out in the construction time schedule. Unfortunately, a slight delay – approximately 14 days - has occurred due to this winter’s adverse weather conditions, this is despite having special wintertime contingencies in place to deal with such eventualities. Moreover, work began two months late, but this has gradually been made up for over time. By a long way, the greatest complication has been to coordinate working procedures in unfavourable weather in combination with a delayed start, whilst ensuring good communication occurs between the investor, operator, and contractor.

Waste water treatment plant is dimensioned for more than 25 thous. inhabitants of Humpolec and its nearest vicinity. Owing to the to intensification of the project it will be possible to connect more objects to it.