Apartment building A has been planned as a four-storey structure, without a basement, comprising 32 separate flats. Apartment building B will boast 54 flats and have five storeys, with four floors above the ground and one basement floor for parking. Approximately 40 residences have already been sold. The contract for the building work is worth CZK 126.5 million.

The blocks of flats being erected are situated near a busy main road. However, through traffic will be greatly reduced when a new ring road for Prague opens. Furthermore, it will ensure greater peace and quiet for residents of the Běchovice borough as well as improving road safety.

The building project did not include basement rooms, only building B is to feature 49 parking spaces below ground. The method chosen for building this floor is the technological process known as ‘white tank’, with the task being conducted by the centre of Division 1 Operation for Finishing Works, led by Pavel Griesl.

Despite the adverse weather conditions this winter, the construction shall be completed on schedule.

In March, further activities await the HOCHTIEF VSB team: brickwork, sanitary installations, waterproofing the roof, putting in electrical wiring, installing a sewer system, and water distribution. In addition, the construction of a ramp leading to the underground car park has been scheduled for March 2006.

The completion date and the formal handing over of the properties to the investor is timetabled for the end of September 2006. The flats shall be ready for their owners to move into after the buildings have passed an essential inspection, which is being arranged for by the investor and is most likely to happen in December 2006.