The first phase, which is now drawing to a close, involved reconstructing the west stairs and the southern and eastern parts of the wall, features contemporary with Lobkowicz Palace. The project is presently in its second reconstruction stage – plasterwork is being finished, and forged fencing is being mounted in the coping of the boundary wall that runs alongside the grounds of the US Embassy. In addition, reconstruction work is taking place on the path as well as the stairs, which are almost 80 m in length.

At this stage of the construction, stair landings have already been drained and foundation footings with arm slabs have been concreted. Preparations are underway to complete assembly of steps and kerbs of the stairs. The material used will be stone elements made of bush-hammered yellow-grey granite. Paving for the steps and paths will be in the form of granite slivers. Along the entire length of the stairway, concrete bedding is being laid to allow for the assembly of a forged handrail along one side. The stairs will have three compact landings with benches firmly fixed in place. All surfaces temporarily affected during the construction work will be restored to their previous state, in accordance with an issued preservation order for the restoration of Lobkowicz Garden.

Throughout the entire duration of the task, a part of the reconstructed path and stairs will be closed to visitors, who cannot but anticipate how much a walk to Petřín is better after this all finished.

The renovation project began in September 2005 and the deadline for completion has been scheduled for the end of this July.