A new kitchen and dining area is to be created, which will include all necessary provisions for canteen staff and diners. It is estimated that up to 350 meals a day will be served up, a number made possible by the layout of the entire space and the kitchen equipment that is to be installed. The eatery will be able to seat 120 diners.
Two new roofed terraces for eating alfresco and covering 265 m2 in total will form part of the structure.

The present dining facilities are now in a building which no longer complies with EU standards and, in fact, they have not been satisfactory for several years. The ground plan of the new two-storey structure, which is to feature a partial basement, will cover an area of 30.7 x 21.2 m. Ordinary brickwork methods and a prefabricated ceiling structure of reinforced concrete are to be utilised in the construction. The first stage includes the demolition of an accommodation building for college staff. The second stage involves building the dining facility itself. After the holiday season is over, the former kitchen will be pulled down to make space for the roofed terraces, which is scheduled to occur at the same time as work on the canteen is underway.

The project will be completed and handed over to the investor in April 2007. Students are sure to appreciate their new and superior dining facilities, all the more so after studying hard all day and working up an appetite.