Route of the commenced section of the Prague Ring Road (labeled also as the Ring Road around Prague) commences on the left bank of the Vltava River in Lahovice as a complicated traffic interchange with Strakonice access road. This extensive traffic junction includes 11 bridge objects. The route continues in an elevated highway bridge arching over the entire Berounka River valley towards Radotín. This two kilometer long highway bridge is made of two parallel bridges over a flood plain with box girder construction from prestressed concrete. Bridge has 37 bays with spans ranging from 35 to 110 m and its highest pillar is towering 42 m above the terrain making it the longest bridge in the Czech Republic. The highway bridge runs into the southern portal of the tunnel between Radotín and Lochkov.

The southern portal of the tunnel in Radotín is located high up the slope above the railway line Prague – Pilsen. The highway tunnel itself will consist of two parallel tunnel tubes 1,63 km long – ascending tree-lane road with a separate lane for slow vehicles and a descending two-lane road. Almost the entire tunnel will be driven (1283 m), but the part near Lochkov (347m) will be excavated due to low recess depth. Driven part of the tunnel will be performed by a new Austrian tunneling method in mineral environment mostly consisting of slate and ganister of Silurian and Ordovician period. Excavated part of the tunnel directly connects to the driven part and will be established in a construction pit with steep secured slopes. The northern portal of the tunnel will lead to Lochkov.

The route then continues in a three bay bridge over the Slavičí Valley with an overall length of 58m. Behind it follows a steel bridge over the Lochkovské Valley – it is a box girder bridge with five bays and a total length of 460 m and a truss frame providing the main bay. Bridge will run 65 m above the terrain. This bridge is followed by a highway interchange between Lochkov and Slivenec, which will allow the connection of the Prague Ring Road to existing roads. Behind this interchange the new route will be connected to already functioning Ring no. 515. In the near vicinity is the current crossing with the Barrandov radial, which brings traffic from the Barrandov Bridge over the Vltava River and serves a substitute for the future Prague Ring Road.

STRABAG a.s. is a well established supplier of traffic infrastructure projects and in this given case it will remain with its principle: Build safely, economically, quickly and in high quality.

This project is the entry into the traffic infrastructure segment in the Czech Republic for the construction group HOCHTIEF, which already has a strong position in the sphere of institutional and administrative, industrial, pipeline, environmental and water management projects and in the sphere of development.

For MAX BŐGL and JOSEF KRÝSL, kom. spol. this project present an opportunity to make use of their extensive experience in the sphere of construction of large bridge and road projects. Construction of the highway bridge over the Berounka River Valley, which will become the longest bridge in the Czech Republic, will follow the construction of currently longest bridge over the Ohře River executed in 1995-1998.