The competition named TOP Invest is announced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic and the Association of Building Entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic, in cooperation with the joint-stock company Trade Fairs Brno. The mission of the competition is to support investment development in the Czech Republic and award investors’ contribution for the Czech Republic economy development, for its regions, municipalities and towns. The competition is announced for investments accomplished in the area of the Czech Republic without regard to the nationality of designers, architects or the registered seat of the contractor.

The general contractor of the National Integrated Air Traffic Control Center was the joint-stock company HOCHTIEF VSB. The construction was handed over to the investor – Air Navigation Services – in May, last year, and its execution took almost two years.

The center itself is composed as a set of objects lined up along the central north-south axis, which is a base for individual functions, spaces and security zones. The main frontage is composed of a five-storey rounded administration object curved as connected wings, which is penetrated by a glassed-in entrance hall open into a free space of upper floors that are connected by galleries in the central part. Arched glassed-in north façade is reflected on the surface of a calm pond. The entrance part leads into a generously dimensioned space of the glassed-in central hall – the communication and social centre of the object. The space of the passage is an inner garden at the same time, offering elements for short relaxation even in unfavourable conditions of the Czech climate. From the passage it is possible to enter the two-storey transverse wings situated beside the south façade of the administration building. Catering, social and rehabilitation establishments are designed there. The main hall rooms are placed in a separate operation-technical block, which is drawn up as a compact mass connected to the longitudinal axis of the passage.

The winning implementation of the investment goal will be exhibited for the whole period of the 11th International Building Fair in Brno so that all visitors can become familiar with it.