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Listed here are some statistics gathered by the organisers of this initiative: 97% of areas intended to be cleared have been done thus far. Lorries took away 2,300 large polyethylene bags full of refuse weighing 22.5 tons. Hazardous waste was found on six occasions, which the organisers duly reported to the Czech Environmental Inspectorate. Eighteen dead animals were discovered within the vicinity of the dam.

Some curiosities turned up by collectors were subsequently put up for auction, raising CZK 45,000. Amongst these was a bottle with a message inside – just like in a romantic film. The money made was donated by organisers to the principal of the Zvíkovské Podhradí Children’s Home.

Apart from our company, the activity received support from the Czech Environmental Inspectorate, Zvíkov Czech Police, Czech Radio 1 Radiožurnál, Czech Fishing Union, Czech Ministry of Environment, River Vltava Basin Management, and many other bodies.

HOCHTIEF VSB is no stranger to the Orlík dam, in fact, we were the general contractor that repaired the stilling basin and reconstructed the bottom of the reservoir behind the stilling pool in 2004. That is why the appearance of the dam’s surroundings is not indifferent to us; we had devoted many man hours with much endeavour on the part of our qualified personnel to it.

The organisers of this initiative are hopeful that others interested in caring for the environment will follow their example.