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Under the sign

of pomegranate

Complete renovation of Hospital Kuks

The pomegranate is a symbol of resurrection and rebirth. This old crest of former hospital caretakers has become the title and main motif of the project Complete Renovation of Hospital Kuks. The project has received the Building of the Year Award and after the reconstruction, the number of visitors at the historic monument has increased by more than 400%.

Project details
Location: Kuks
Investor: National Monument Institute
Contractor: HOCHTIEF CZ, Division Building Bohemia
Project type: Civil and administrative projects
Construction period: 06/2013–02/2015

The project comprised renovation of the Baroque complex Kuks. The construction works were aimed at reconstruction of the unused rooms – upgrade of utility lines, building services, plasterwork, floors and boiler rooms. A large part of the project focuses on restoration of historic elements – e.g. a sensitive uncovering of a Baroque “Danse Macabre” mural painting (secco) or renovation of historic ceilings from the 18th century, etc.

All restoration works were carried out in parallel to the construction works. The objective of the works performed in the hospital garden was to restore its use value – landscaping, felling of trees, new flowerbeds and patches, lawns and planting of new fruit trees. The construction works were on the utility lines, irrigation system, fountains, roads, facilities for gardeners and machines, greenhouses etc.