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Opera is not boring,

the seats are not uncomfortable!

Reconstruction of State Opera, Prague

Do not believe? Visit the newly reconstructed State Opera building and see for yourself in the second half of 2019. The state-of-the-art theatre stage in the Czech Republic will undoubtedly do well even on a global scale.

Project details
Location: Prague
Investor: The National Theatre
Contractor: HOCHTIEF CZ a. s., Division Building Bohemia
Project type: Civil and administrative projects, reconstruction
Construction period: 03/2017–05/2019

The Prague State Opera is one of the four buildings of the National Theatre, which presents opera as well as ballet performances and belongs among the most important ones in Europe. The building and its background equipment are important historical monuments.

The renewal will concern the historical and operational parts of the building. The historical building underwent a comprehensive renovation during construction of the operational building in the 1970s. Since that time, only minor capital expenditure interventions have been made, which removed external and physical obsoleteness of individual parts.

This means that almost after 44 years the two buildings will undergo important construction and renovation interventions. A principal change will be focused on distribution systems, especially electrical installations, water lines, heating systems, waste water lines and moisture drying. Renovation works will be focused also on the upper and lower stages and decorations in the auditorium area, repairs will concern also the cloakrooms of artists and sanitary installations. Renovation of offices, rehearsal rooms, ballet and chorus halls.

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