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Manufacturing Plant of Hyundai Mobis, Ostrava

 A million of beloved cars will be equipped with lights from Ostrava every year. The manufacturing plant of Hyundai secures deliveries to companies that assemble cars in our country so it is no longer necessary to import the lights from Asia.

Project details
Location: Ostrava - Mošnov
Contractor: HOCHTIEF CZ, Division Building Moravia
Project type: Industrial projects
Construction period: 09/2015–11/2016

A new plant for production of headlights for passenger transport road vehicles has been constructed in the Mošnov industrial zone. This manufacturing plant enables the investor to meet the requirements of the Hyundai company in Nošovice and those of the Kia company in Žilina. The plant featuring a total area of 18.9 ha includes a single-storey manufacturing hall with a partial second floor level and with a two-storey administrative annex building with total dimensions of approx. 170x262 m and a height of 14.7m, new parking area for employees, intra-facility road and hard surfaces and connection lines of utility networks, retention tank with a possibility of infiltration.

The building includes the actual manufacturing lines, storage areas, offices, laboratories, a restaurant and other background facilities for the staff. The production capacity of the plant is intended for production of headlamps for up to 1 million cars per year, including 2 million front headlamps and 2 million combined stop and tail lamps.

HOCHTIEF CZ a.s. was involved in two construction parts. In the external civil part, the following works were executed: water pipeline of 1,500 m and sewerage system pipeline for rainwater and waste water of 3,700 m, roadways of 22,000 m², parking area with a capacity of 311 places for passenger cars ad 3 places for buses, facility fencing, retention tank and ground shaping of 34,000 m². In the mechanical part, HOCHTIEF CZ a.s. carried out the air handling system (43 air handling units), sprinklers, measurement and regulation, cooling and compressed air, plumbing, heating, gas.