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Bridge across the Lochkov Valley and Lochkov Tunnel, Prague

The highest bridge in Prague spans over the Berounka River Valley. Twenty thousand tons of steel and concrete support unconventionally inclined pillars so that the concrete piles would not interfere with the natural monument located under the bridge.The light at the end of the Lochkov Tunnel was first seen by the drivers at the Prague Ring Road on 20 September 2010. Near a cement plant in Radotín, two separate tunnel tubes continue to the flyover bridge and interchange with a slip road towards Strakonice.

Project details
Location: Prague
Investor: Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic
Contractor: Joint-venture of companies STRABAG a.s., HOCHTIEF Construction AG, Bögl a Krýsl, kom. spol.
Project type: Traffic infrastructure
Construction period: 06/2006–09/2010

The section no. 514 with a total length of 6,030 m is a part of the south-west segment of the Prague ring road system which interconnects the D1 and D5 motorways. The main purpose of its construction was the directing of transit and heavy freight traffic out of the built-up parts of Prague 4 and Prague 16.

The route starts on the left Vltava river bank, with the fly-over crossing with the Strakonická road at Zbraslav. It continues, for more than two kilometres with a long bridge-type elevated road, overcoming this way the entire Berounka river valley, and through the Radotín portal it enters the Lochkov tunnel. It is driven, except for the excavated Lochkov portal, in its entire length, by using the New Austrian Tunnelling Method and is formed of two tubes – uphill with three lanes and downhill with two lanes.

After about 1,600 m the route leaves the tunnel just through the Lochkov portal. With the help of a bridge construction it overcomes the Slavičí valley foreland and approaches the Lochkov valley which is overcome by a bridge which is almost 500 m long and at present is the highest bridge in Prague – its height above the terrain level is up to 65 m. The oblique pillars in combination with an arch ground plan make this bridge a unique bridge construction in the world. It is then followed by the fly-over Lochkov with an access to the town and connection to the existing section no. 515.