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Under one roof

in two buildings

ČSOB Headquarters, Prague

In the interests of better cooperation within the Group, the employees of the bank and subsidiaries will have a seat under one roof. A footbridge will connect the new building with the existing headquarters and thus, the ČSOB Campus will be created, which will provide people with work environment of top quality.

Project details
Location: Prague
Investor: Radlice Rozvojová a. s.
Contractor: HOCHTIEF CZ, a. s., Division Building Bohemia and Division Property Development
Project type: Civil and administrative projects, new construction
Construction period: 11/2016–2019

The ČSOB headquarters – SHQ is an administrative building, the purpose of use of which is to be administration of the city-wide meaning. The building will serve as a workplace for about 1,400 people ad will be completed with a training centre, gastronomic operations and complementary and technical operations necessary for assurance of the main function. Employees from other branch offices and subsidiaries will move into the new building.

Work on the roof

The design of the new ČSOB headquarters was drawn up by the architectonic studio “Chalupa Architekti”. The building which has four aboveground levels will be partly embedded into the slope and the roof will be covered by useful greenery. The ČSOB employees ale already used to it because work meetings or work on the roof belong among everyday parts of their business days.

This time without water

The original and new buildings will be interconnected by means of the so-called tunnel-bridge. Unlike the old buildings, the new headquarters will not include any water areas, but there will be enough indoor greenery. The office premises will include both open space and closed rooms.

Environmental certificate

The ambitious building will seek to obtain the LEED Platinum certificate, which the building should obtain within half a year from the construction completion. This is the highest level of the latest version of the LEED system. The number of buildings with LEED Platinum in the Czech Republic could be counted on one hand.

One of the key requirements of ČSOB was low energy demand. The bank will use the drawing of geothermal energy from the boreholes and a land-based air handling system heat exchanger, which will principally reduce dependence on external energy resources (e.g. gas), together with the use of heating energy as well as cooling energy recuperation ad accumulation in both day-time and seasonal courses.

The new ČSOB headquarters in numbers:

  • 1,400 job positions
  • Useful area 64,000 m²