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Nuclear Power Plant Temelín

Is it an insensitive intervention of a man into the landscape? Is it a concrete structure of fascinating shapes and dimensions? It is a brilliant transformation of thermal energy into electric power.

Project details
Location: Temelín
Investor: CEZ, a. s.
Contractor: HOCHTIEF VSB, Division 1
Project type: Industrial projects
Construction period: 06/1986–07/2003

The Nuclear Power Plant consists of a complex of buildings and technological equipment which serves for the conversion of thermal energy into electric power, similarly as in classical power plants.

At the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant the heat source is a nuclear fission reaction in the active zone of two VVER 1000 reactors. The generated heat is conducted from the reactor to steam generators by a coolant in four loops. In the steam generator steam is generated in the inter-tube space of an evaporator. The steam is conducted to the turbo-set by steam conductors. The electric power output of the unit is conducted from turbo-alternators to unit transformers via the Temelín switching station and from there to the public network.

The technological design of the Nuclear Power Plant project includes, beside the two main production blocks, a complex of several hundred buildings and structures related to the operation of the plant. These units can be divided into the following groups:

  • media procurement and waste disposal
  • distribution of public utilities
  • workshops, warehouses and maintenance units
  • office and welfare facilities
  • operation safety and control units

Main indicators:

  • Two 1000 MW blocks
  • Buildings of main production block: 2 798 417 cu.m of built-up space
  • Office and operation buildings: 269 241 cu.m of built-up space 
  • Sewerage, water, cable ducts: 73 490 m