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Extension of the Metro Line V.A - Nemocnice Motol Station, Prague

Heading to work? Medical check-up? Visit? Thanks to the successful completion of the Metro Line A station, Motol University Hospital will not be at the city outskirts anymore. No other platform in Prague may be more intriguing intersection of peoples' stories and fates, since the destination of most of the passengers transported is as exceptional as the station's concourse.

Project details
Location: Prague
Investor: Public Transport Co. of Prague, Municipality of the Capital City of Prague
Contractor: HOCHTIEF CZ, Division Traffic infrastructure
Project type: Traffic infrastructure
Construction period: 01/2010–04/2015

Section of the Subway route V.A is 6,12 km long and consist of three driven station Červený vrch, Veleslavín and Petřiny and one cut and cover station Motol.

HOCHTIEF CZ participated on the following parts of the project:

Station Bořislavka (formerly known as Červený vrch)

Station Bořislavka is a single-bay station with one cut and cover vestibule. The depth of the platform below the terrain is 27 m. The total length of the station is 193 m. The construction was done by the New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM).

Station Motol

Station Motol is a shallow, cut and cover station with lateral boarding platforms. Glazed roof structure allows utilization of sunlight. The length of the station is 160 m. Its construction is made of monolithic reinforced concrete and contains two floors. Below the boarding platform there is a underpass below the adjacent street leading to the bus stops on the other side.

Track tunnels

Between the Station Motol and the access shaft we have realized a 750 m long, twin-track tunnel executed by the NATM method.

Another tunnel (410 m long) was built behind the Motol Station and it is partly driven (220 m) and partly cut and cover 190 m.