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New theatre

in every sense of the word

New Theatre, Pilsen

It's not a classical theatre. It does not have a standard facade. Even the curtain is not quite normal.It's really the New Theatre.

Project details
Location: Pilsen
Investor: Municipality of Pilsen
Contractor: HOCHTIEF CZ, Division Building Bohemia
Project type: Civil and administrative projects
Construction period: 05/2012–08/2014

New construction a theater building with a stage and main hall for apprxoimatelly 500 spectators and a smaller scene for 200 spectators, rehersal rooms for the members of drama, opera, musical and ballet ansambles. The project also includes the administrative facilities, offices, parking house, tehcnical facilities and outside parking areas.

The New Theater brings about many structural and amterial novelties. The theater building and the operational building are separated. The dominant element of the building its the red monolithic facade, which too 160 days to execute and used up  550 m3 of red concrete on an overall area of 3620 m2. Another specific element is the entrance, which invites employees in through a bubble-like curtain facade. Its preparation took 50 days and concreting works took continuous 43 hours.