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Zoonoses Diagnosis Centre, Brno

A new workplace integrates teaching, research and diagnosis of infectious animal diseases that are transmissible to humans. In addition to improvement of the building's technical parameters, the reconstruction has triggered the centre's internal restructuring.

Project details
Location: Brno
Investor: University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno
Contractor: HOCHTIEF CZ, Division Building Moravia
Project type: Civil and administrative projects
Construction period: 06/2012–07/2013

The work on the pavilion intended for research and teaching of the issues concerning diseases transmitted between animals and from animals to people included demolition of the existing annex building, renovation and construction of the new building with materials and structures, such as piles, masonry, monolithic parts, glazed facades, ventilated facade, thermal insulation system, plasters, lining, paving systems, vinyl surfaces, carpets, skylights, installations, air handling system, crane track, lifts, laminar boxes, anatomic tables, fixation cages, sheep fencing systems etc.

The building constructed includes also the Institute of Parasitology, with laboratories, training rooms, work rooms and background facilities. A part of the building serves for stabling of experimental animals, storage areas and acceptance and disposal of cadavers for pathology. There are also laboratories and background facilities of pathological morphology, microbiology background facilities, acceptance of samples, diagnostic laboratories, anatomical rooms and microbiology laboratories.