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The carpentry facility provides for manufacturing, delivery and installation of formwork and carpentry structures:

  • Wooden truss structures
  • Nailed wooden roof tie beams
  • Wooden structures and attic built-in structures
  • Wooden staircases and stair landings
  • Wooden windows and glazed partitions
  • Wooden lining and balcony panels
  • Wooden ceilings and floors
  • Wooden doors panelled and boarded
  • Customized formwork and scaffolding floor panels
  • Wooden ladders - single and double
  • Customized items

Wooden truss and tie beams

  • Wooden tie truss for new building and refurbishment
  • Nailed tie beams for roof and ceiling structures
  • Including impregnation, foil or batten

Wooden structures and attic built-in structures

  • Detached or semidetached houses using Canadian technology
  • Attic built-in structures
  • Including design provision

Wooden staircases

  • Customized design
  • Straight flight, spiral, round, broken line, with cut-out alternating treads
  • Customized materials and surface finish

Wooden windows and glazed partitions

  • Customized design for new building and refurbishment
  • Surface finish and fittings on request
  • Selection of interior window sills

Lining and balcony panels

  • Interior and exterior wooden lining
  • Customized balcony panels
  • Wood type and surface finish as per order

Wooden ceilings and floors

  • Classical wooden flat ceilings or visible joists
  • Boarded ceilings
  • Wooden suspended ceiling on a grid or floating

Wooden panelled door

  • Standard NOR 1 - 12 in stock
  • Customized as per order
  • Wood - spruce, fir
  • Width 80, 90 cm or customized
  • Delivery and installation of SAPELI doors

Wooden boarded door

  • Full or glazed
  • Wood - spruce
  • Width 80, 90 cm or customized

Formwork and scaffolding

  • Customized formwork and casing
  • Formwork parts 60 x 120
  • Triangular molding
  • Scaffolding floor panels


  • Kitchen units, including appliances
  • Office furniture
  • Customized furniture
  • Fitted wardrobes

Complementary products

  • Ladders - single and double
  • Masonry planks and screeds
  • Masonry planes and scratchers
  • Roof battens, including impregnation
  • Garden tables and benches
  • Boards for interior and exterior use
  • Garden structures - alcoves, porticos, pavillions
  • Wooden toilets for buildings and cabins
  • Wooden panels for fences and balconies


  • Sale, drying and impregnation of timber
  • Bulk material cutting
  • Edge banding
  • Consulting


 Ing. Roman Hirsch
Phone: 602 424 480

 Václav Boubalík
Phone: 381 497 245

Ladislav Pečenka
Phone: 381 497 246