The rental department offers the following types of containers

  • offices
  • living containers
  • change room
  • containers with sanitary facility
  • storage containers

All containers of the rental department have been reconstructed to offer required standard and uniform look. The rented containers are normally equipped with fluorescent lamps, revised electrical installations and electric heating. They are not equipped with furniture.

On request the rental department is able to ensure assembly of container sets, and also transport to and from the site, loading and unloading.

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Price List

Informative price list - the prices are shown without VAT. In case of the rent of 2 or more containers per site, discounts are given by agreement.


Obchodní zástupce: Ing. Roman Hirsch
Telefon: 602 424 480

Vedoucí provozu: Petr Hron
Telefon: 602 484 059

Vedoucí střediska: Vlastislav Šmíd
Telefon: 602 661 024