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It has its own capacities for implementation of the main construction works and a wide range of construction crafts. It conducts by its own capacities the production of reinforced concrete prefabricated elements, assembly of the prefabricated elements, steel structures and sheathing, timber structures and sheathing, carpentry and joinery works. 

Scope of the plant: nationwide

Portfolio of activities: see below

Production of prefabricated elements
It conducts by its own capacities the production of reinforced concrete prefabricated elements – columns, bearers, bracings, bond timbers, foundation footings and sills, sandwich panels, double walls, filigree ceiling panels, stair flights and landings, balconies and other non-standardized prefabricated elements.

Concrete plant
It conducts by its own capacities the production, transport and pumping of concrete to construction sites in the area of Tábor. It also provides technological service including laboratory tests of concrete.

Assembly of the prefabricated elements
It conducts by its own capacities assembly of reinforced concrete prefabricated structures, skeletons and other prefabricated buildings including sheathings.

Reinforcement shop
It conducts by its own capacities supplies of rebars and meshes including cutting and bending and also provides rebar and mesh fixing on site.

Steel structures and sheathing
It conducts by its own capacities production and assembly of steel structures of halls, extensions, in-built structures and other non-standardized steel structures including assembly of membrane roofing and walls (simple, composite or of sandwich panels), it also provides production and assembly of locksmith products (ladders, catwalks, brackets, fittings, doors, gates, railings), in addition, it produces assembly units and concrete buckets.

Carpentry shop
It conducts by its own capacities production and assembly of carpentry structures (roof beams – including roofer´s and tinsmith´s works, facades of boards Silbonit, Fundermax, Siberian larch, in-built structures, cladding, pergolas, etc.) and custom manufacturing of joiner´s structures (replicas and repairs of coupled windows, office furniture, kitchens, stair flights, floorings, terraces, cladding, fences, balconies, etc.).

Tiling and paving
It conducts by its own capacities ceramic tiling and paving, structural systems of balconies and terraces, waterproofing coatings and screeds including accessories.

Rental service
It rents out scaffolding, formwork and lagging, small and medium-sized machinery (small tangible fixed assets, tangible fixed assets), site installation facilities and equipment (containers, fencing, furniture).

Execution of works by its own permanent staff and the quality of materials used, both domestic and imported, and use of proven technologies and systems deliver high quality of work and provide the investor with sufficiently long warranty for the work performed including warranty and post-warranty service. All construction and specialized works, consultancy services and preparation of business and technical offers are provided by Plant Special Activities for external customers and for other divisions and plants of HOCHTIEF CZ a.s. All provided activities are conducted in accordance with the established quality management system according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009. The used products are supported by the appropriate Declaration of Conformity.  

Registered office

HOCHTIEF CZ a. s., Division Building Bohemia
Plant Special Activities

Chýnovská 714
391 11 Planá nad Lužnicí


Phone: +420 381 497 111
Fax: +420 381 291 230
Email: zavodsc@hochtief.cz