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Efficient use of natural resources

Protection and efficient management of natural resources are for the company HOCHTIEF crucial. Our projects cannot be done without extensive use of natural materials and also during the construction a large amount of waste is produced. Therefore, active environmental protection and efficient use of natural resources is the primary task of all branches of the HOCHTIEF group. 

We realize that large infrastructure projects, especially those that involve construction of roads, tunnels or bridges, have a huge impact on the environment and affect the lives of people in their vicinity. The company HOCHTIEF therefore implements measures even before the start of the construction works, so there is a minimal interference to the life of local residents and habitat of plants and animals. We participate in remediation of the area to its original condition even after the completion of the work.

Our goal: To keep the impact of our work on the environment at the lowest possible level. Our employees are thoroughly trained, environmental protection and sensitive management of natural resources are thus a natural part of their working life.