Vyšší Brod, Relaying of road II/163 Vyšší Brod - Lipno

The traffic situation in the section Vyšší Brod - Lipno is very difficult– there are two two-way curves with evidently insufficient radius. In the last few years several serious accidents with tragic consequences occurred here.


Location: Vyšší Brod
Investor: Southern Bohemian region
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB Traffic Infrastructure Division
Construction time: 06/2006 - 11/2006
Main indicators: soil overburden: 3,452 m3
excavating for the road in the rock class 2 to 5: 13, 400 m3
excavating for the road in the rock class 6 and 7: 5, 714 m3
(excavating for the road in the rock class 6 and 7 will be done by a blast) trenching of the timbered ditches and grooves in a rock class 3 – 4: 1, 040 m3
compacted banks: 11, 915 m3
bituminous concrete surface: 4 ,594 m2
formation of culverts with concrete heads DN 600 to DN 1200: 90 bm
recultivation of the existing road: 3, 847 m2
steel guard rails: 433 bm
diversion routes (road panels): 1,238 m2
relaying of communication cable: 220 bm
Description: The width of the road is also insufficient; it is 5-6 m wide and, in the curves it is not widened at all. There is practically no shoulder alongside the road.

The new relaying will be 0.619 km long and it will fully replace the existing road. It will shorten the route by 71 m.

The traffic in the area will be temporarily affected – in the first phase of the construction a diversion route will be constructed of the road panels, in the next phase the traffic on the diversion route will be controlled by traffic lights and temporary road signs.

The road forms a border of the nature reserve Vyšebrodsko.