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Velké Meziříčí, New bridge

A new bridge was constructed in the Velké Meziříčí by-pass road, Vysočina Region.


Location: Velké Meziříčí
Investor: Kraj Vysočina
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 9
Type: New bridge
Construction time: 10/2004 - 06/2005
Main indicators: Bridge length: 35.21 m
Bridge width: 11.1 m 
Bridge height: 8.7 m above the surrounding landscape.

This is a reinforced steel monopolar bridge over the railroad cutting of a single-track Czech Railroad line of Studenec - Křižanov. In both bridge forefields, the road is located in road cuts incised in durbachite and syenite rocks with depths of 4.0 -  6.0 m.

The geologic survey revealed block-spherical jointing of the rock and therefore there had to be completed the rock maintenance and reinforcement. The maintenance was performed under very difficult weather conditions in February 2005 with traffic excluded from the railroad line. Micro-piloting technology was used to anchor sections of the rock massif after the geologic survey. 

Preliminary works for the bridge beam installation were finished in the first week of April 2005. Installation of the fourteen beams was performed from the railroad bed using heavy cranes during traffic exclusion between April 18th and April 20th, 2005. This operation was very demanding due to the need for precise coordination of the individual tasks of the bridge beam installation upon the elastomer bearings which were fixed to the sole-piece bearing bases of both columns. 

The final steps of this project included construction of the bridge plate proper with mouldings, bridge insulation, sealing layer, bridge-deck insulation and landscaping.