Transit gas pipeline ND 1000

The transit gas pipeline has been constructed in the following sections: Malešovice – Březejc, Březejc – Černá, Počedělice – Bylany, Hospozín – Počedělice and Nové Ouholice – Hospozín.


Location: Malešovice, Březejc, Počedělice, Hospozín
Investor: ČPP s. p., TRANSGAZ, o. z., Praha
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Type: transit gas pipeline
Construction time: 05/1995 - 10/1997
Main indicators: Total length of the route: 130,055 metres
Description: The gas pipeline itself is welded from steel tubes with external factory-applied polyurethane insulation. On the inner surface of the tubes there is epoxide coating to decrease the hydraulic resistance of the medium. The external diameter of the pipeline is 1,020 milimetres. The changes in direction are solved by bendings with a radius r = 50D/40D. Only in a few narrow places where obstacles are passed, industrial bendings with a radius r = 10D were used. At railway and road crossings, the pipeline is inserted into sleeve pipes executed by pipe jacking. Crossings of local roads are solved by crosscuts without sleeve pipes. Crossings of watercourses and other natural and artificial obstacles also constitute a part of the gas pipeline.