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Řevnice, Improvement of servicing of the business zone Cihelna

Řevnice near Prague, just as other places in Czech Republic, will now have their industrial zone. It will be called Cihelna.


Location: Řevnice
Investor: Municipality of Řevnice
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 5
Construction time: 10/2005 - 09/2006
Main indicators:  
Description: HOCHTIEF VSB carried out reconstruction of the roads, pavements, entrances, sewerage and ducts in Řevnice. During this reconstruction they not only repaired the old roads, but also built brand new ones - with access garages, etc.

There is a new sewerage system that will service the industrial zone Cihelna and it is connected to a local sewerage system. The duct was also reconstructed with building of some new residential service lines. The pipes are taken across the local stream, after the reconstruction of the bridge, through an insulated, protective sleeve.