Prague, Reconstruction of metro stations Staroměstská (A), Anděl (B)

The reconstruction of Prague Metro after the flood in 2002 comprised the full extent of construction works at Staroměstská (A) station and Anděl (B) station.


Location: Prague
Investor: Dopravní podnik a.s.
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 8
Type: Reconstruction of Staroměstská (A), Anděl (B) stations
Construction time: in operation March 2003
Description: The work of a considerably larger scope was executed on station Anděl where, unlike station Staroměstská, the work had to be commenced at first by pumping out the water. The station was put into service for passengers, with one exit in the direction to Anděl, as early as 16th December 2002 (as of the same date, station Staroměstská was opened for passage of trains); nevertheless for full operation the date 30th March 2003 was fixed. The remaining work was executed during routine operation of the station. Intensive work was executed above all in the escalator tunnel in the direction to Na Knížecí where electrical distribution systems and equipment were installed, new lining of the station is executed etc. New fire doors, seals, hydrants or sanitary facilities were also installed. Station Staroměstská was put into a full service as at 16th January 2003.
The demanding character of both projects is evident from a list of works that had to be executed prior to putting of the station into service – washing with pressure water, triple disinfecting, dismantling and disposal of damaged equipment and installation of new elements (everything was made more difficult due to the fact that transport was only possible by rail from the depots or through the escalator tunnels). The work in fact included everything – from steel structures, pillars or tracks to wall lining, thermal and fire insulation to the station lighting.
Thanks are due to  all people who at a rapid rate managed to work in demanding continuous two-shift operation – in the peak deployment, up to 60–80 employees were working on station Anděl per shift, on station Staroměstská up to 40 employees. The results of their work will surely increase the chance of HOCHTIEF VSB to participate in future projects related to Prague Metro.