Prague, Metro IV.C2 - station Střížkov

The project involves the construction of a subway station with the work name of Prosek 1. This station is part of the newly constructed subway line IV. C 2.


Location: Prague 8, Prosek
Investor: Dopravní podnik a.s.
Realization: HOCHTIEF CZ a. s., division Dopravní stavby, OHL ŽS
Type: New building
Construction time: 01/2004-06/2007
Main indicators: Arch span of hogging girders: 160 m
Description: The second stage consists of 3 stations and relevant tunnel sections. The stations itself is a distinctive architectonic object designed by Ing. Arch. Patrik Kotas. It is a surface (excavated) station, in which the bottom construction is solved as a classic ferroconcrete construction. The most distinct part of the construction is the steel set of hogging girders (span approx. 160m), suspended glazed roof and glazed façade. The station project includes terrain alteration of the entrance area with elevated footbridges for pedestrians and water cascades.   Park-and-ride yard will also be constructed.