Netřebice, Substitution of tank Pořešín by distribution lines

A new pressure distribution line of steel piping FUCHS, diameter 323,9x5,00/8,00 with external oubled PE insulation and internal concreting, with drinking-water certification, total length 11 731 m.


Location: Netřebice
Investor: Jihočeský vodárenský svaz
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Construction time:  
Main indicators: Steel piping DN 300 with external doubled PE insulation and internal concreting - 11 731 m
Description: Two valve-rooms Krasejovka and Vesce were executed in the object. In the existing pumping station Bukovec 2 vertical pumps KSB Multitec were fixed. Piping and valves were completely exchanged and new induction flowmeters Siemens were mounted in the water tank Netřebice.

The connecting section from the water tank Netřebice was changed for DN 200 in the treatment plant Pořešín. As a part of electro-installation in the pumping station Bukovec transformers and fuses
were replaced, the distributor RM2 was regulated, the distributor VAE Controls was complemented for control and transmission of new data to the dispatching section. Feeding of the new induction
flow-meters and connection of the new flow-signalization to the dispatching section was performed in the water tank Netřebice. A new valve DN 200 with an electric actuator, and an induction flow-meter are connected in the treatment plant Pořešín. Ventilation within the lines was solved by
21 air receivers and removal of sludge by 16 sludge pans.