Mladá Boleslav, Railway relocation

In autumn 2003,  the largest investment project in modern history of the town was practically completed:  the sinking into a cut of the railway track at Slovanka between the main station and the station Mladá Boleslav – město.


Location: Mladá Boleslav
Investor: České dráhy, a. s. (Czech Railways)
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB a. s. division 8 o. z.
Type: New railway station
Construction time: 07/2002 - 10/2003
Main indicators: The length of the cut is 1.6 km, the maximum depth is 8.5 m executed in sandstone capable of machine excavation. The total volume of earthwork as per design documentation is 110,000 cu.m.
Description: The work started in July 2002 and official opening took place on 29th October 2003. The solution was the result of a competition which had four alternatives; three of them envisaged an overpass above the railway track, but the successful  design proposed sinking  the railway line into a cut. During the period of construction, the stability of the left side of the cut was secured by shoring with steel anchors under the existing railway track. Thus the railway service was assured during most of the construction period with the exception of an extensive closure. Rainwater is drained into concrete troughs along both sides of the track. The walls of the cut are lined with reinforced concrete SONO panels which assure compliance with sanitary noise standards. Part of the construction are seven bridges or footbridges that are also used for interconnection of underground public services from the northern to the southern part of the town.