Míreč, Bridge Reconstruction

The construction of the new bridge had to be preceded by the demolition of the present bridge dating from 1968 which was damaged during the destructive floods in the year 2002. The structure in question consists of KA 61 girders with a length of 13.61 m and a height of 0.85 m.


Location: Míreč
Investor: South Bohemia Region
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 9
Type: Bridge reconstruction
Construction time: 07/2003 - 12/2003
Main indicators: The site is located in the inundation area of the Lomnice river on the road III/1211 which connects the communities Lom and Myštice.
Description: The new bridge is a beam structure of prestressed concrete with one compartment with a span of 25.0 m on massive reinforced concrete abutments. The width of the loadbearing structure is 7.60 m, the hanging-over is 1.55 m. As to its height, the loadbearing structure lies within an arch R=1600 m, the peak of the arch is in the centre of the loadbearing structure. 
The design envisages roll bearings at the abutments (2+2 pcs).