Mělník, Bus Terminal Rehabilitation

The central Bohemian town of Mělník have a new bus terminal.


Location: Mělník
Investor: Municipality of Mělník
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 8
Construction time: 06/2005-05/2006
Main indicators:  
Description: The bus terminal rehabilitation in Mělník consists of two stages. The first begun in June 2005 and l lasted until approximately November 2005.

This project included the rehabilitation of surfaces and roads, street lighting, storm water drainage with oil-substance trap, fire water line and installation of a prefabricated shelter made out of 8 fields 11 m x 11 m with a central steel column, based on two drilled posts from 60 cm, above the newly constructed platform.

This stage also included landscaping with greenery planting. The bus terminal remained open during the rehabilitation, although individual buses departed from different platforms.