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Lanžhot, Transfer station of the transit gas pipeline "Morava - Lanžhot"

The transfer station of the transit gas pipeline is an industrial complex consisting of aboveground and underground structures and technological equipment to carry out business measuring of the natural gas transferred between the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic


Location: Lanžhot, district of Břeclav
Investor: Tranzitní plynovod s.p., Praha
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Type: Complex of technological projects
Construction time: 07/1993 - 10/1994
Main indicators: Built-up area: administrative complex: 7 838 sq.m 
Area: 63 000 sq.m
Aboveground and underground pipeline: Dia. 700 and 1000: 
2 554 cu.m
Description: The most interesting building from the structural and architectural point of view is the operation building in Lanžhot. The load-bearing structure is composed of LOB precast concrete skeleton with a span of 2 by 4.8 + 3 in two storeys with 3.2 m and 3.0 m clearance and partial roof-space on the third storey. The building cladding is solved with Structural Glazing glass facade on the south-east side, the north-west side is provided with a Mirage Slavonice facade.