Český Krumlov, Reconstruction of Tovární Street

A new road is being laid in Tovární Street.


Location: Český Krumlov
Investor: Town of Český Krumlov
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 9
Construction time: 05/2005 - 05/2006
Main indicators: The length of the reconstructed road is 1,261 m.
The reconstruction has been divided into four stages.
Description: The reconstruction of Tovární Street is being conducted in the Český Krumlov industrial zone. The street lies between the roundabout junction of street no. 1/34 and the road from Přísečná to Srnín.

Reconstruction work includes repairing the road surface and replacing the existing drainage system at the same time, building a new rainwater sewer and mains water supply, relaying utility lines and, above all, widening the present roadway. To fulfil all necessary requirements for this purpose, it is essential to provide new cable protection as the existing one terminates at the boundary of the old roadway.

Commencement of the first stage of the reconstruction has been planned for July 2005. Demolition of the present roadway has been scheduled to take place during the first stage. It is going to be followed by building drainage and mains water supply and resurfacing 343.6 m of the road.

The replacement of all utility lines is due to be completed before a supposed interruption of work in winter from December 2005 till February 2006. During the 4th stage, the project involves landscaping arrangements.