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České Budějovice, Renovation of Airport


České Budějovice


Southern Bohemia Regional Authority


HOCHTIEF CZ, Division Building Bohemia

Project type:

Public and office projects

Construction period:



In November 2017, Division Building Bohemia started renovation of a former military airport in České Budějovice. The works cover construction of a new terminal, extension of the airport apron and pavement on a part of the runway, installation of air navigation technologies and air traffic control technologies and building the necessary technical facilities. Facilities for the fire fighters and technical garages will be refurbished as well.

Within three years, the investor wants the airport to rank among the other international regional airports in the Czech Republic, such as Ostrava, Pardubice and Karlovy Vary. In future, it will be used for charter, tourist, commercial and cargo flights – both international and domestic and it will be able to handle ten medium-sized Airbus 320 or Boeing 737 aircrafts. 

The total contract value is more than 400 MCZK.