České Budějovice, Dlouhý most (The Long Bridge)

The new steel bridge of the city road spanning the Vltava river substituted the old bridge. Before the construction, the old bridge was removed 18 metres upstream and became a temporary road.


Location: České Budějovice
Investor: Town of České Budějovice
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 1
Type: Bridge
Construction time: 02/1998 - 04/1999
Main indicators: Length of the bridge: 100 metres
Width of the bridge: 18 metres
Carrying capacity: Normal 32 tonnes
Carrying capacity: Special: 196 tonnes
Description: The new steel bridge consists of two spans. The main load-bearing structure is a suspended bridge with a stiffening girder and a ferro-concrete roadway below, which is linked with the cross girders by steel mandrels. The suspension element,  a prestressed cable by Dywidag, is located on the upper outline inside a steel tube.  Corrosion prevention is secured by a combination of protective coating and metallizing. There is a one-beam water insulation of modified asphalt. The bridge dewatering is a stainless pipeline and the foot path is paved  with oak wood. The bridge abutment as well as the central pillar are of ferro-concrete with a surface treatment giving it the look of natural smooth concrete. The lateral paths of the bridge are adapted for both pedestrians and cyclists.