Blatná, Bridge Reconstruction

The project concerns the reconstruction of a bridge which was torn down during the floods in 2002 The bridge was temporarily substituted by a steel bridge structure.


Location: Blatná
Investor: South Bohemia Region
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 9
Type: Construction of a new bridge
Construction time: 08/2003 - 12/2003
Main indicators: The total length of the loadbearing structure  41.50 m
The internal clearance of the bridge  39.00 m
The width of the superstructure  12.50 m
The width of the roadway  8.00 m
Description: The new bridge is designed as a poured-in-situ post-tensioned continuous slab with three compartments with spans of 11+18+11 m. The foot blocks of the pillars are fixed in the widened strip foundations constructed in protective sheet pile cofferdams.
Both abutments are founded on bored piles. The bridge superstructure has the classical design. On both sides of the bridge there are public sidewalks and RC cast-in-situ cornices provided with a railing. The horizontal structure is resting on the central pillars on notch joints and in the end abutments, the loadbearing structure is placed on twin all-directional roll bearings.
The total length of the loadbearing structure is 45.50 m, while the internal clearance of the bridge is 39.00 m.