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Bechyně, Bridge Reconstruction

The unique bridge in Bechyně was built in the years 1926 to 1928. It looms over the surrounding area up to a height of 52 meters and is nicknamed The Rainbow for its shape. The so-called Bechyňka, first electric railway in Central Europe, which was constructed by František Křižík, runs on  the bridge side by side with a highway.


Location: Bechyně
Investor: South Bohemia
Realization: HOCHTIEF VSB division 9
Type: Reconstruction
Main indicators: Total 12,791 cu.m of spatial scaffolding
Weight 300 tons
Description: This unique ferroconcrete bridge over the Lužnice river, which is also registered in the List of Technical Monuments, has been currently partly covered with scaffolding. This scaffolding has been assembled by HOCHTIEF VSB a.s. Division 9 o.z. There are only a few scaffolding companies in our country able to manage such an extent of work, and HOCHTIEF VSB a.s. Division 9 o.z. definitely belongs among them. According to Mr. Jaroslav Matějka, Mayor of Bechyně, the bridge was opened in July 2004, however, the reconstruction will last until October 2004.